Be yourself, d people will have to adjust to you. Don't let anyone stop you or change you from being yourself. Life is that simple; no one can tell you otherwise once you know who you are. We often make the mistake of trying to be different and fit in, even when unnecessary. Mzansi superstar Kelly Khumalo has shown us that she could care less about what people say. The musician is constantly criticized but doesn't let it get to her. When you are the best, no one can tell you otherwise.

Kelly rocked up at Somizi's 50th birthday party adorned in a dress made up of teddy bears. People were left stunned by this. Shame! Yoh! This girl is trying too hard to be different or enjoys being on people's lips all the time. That dress was so strange in many ways, especially for a 50th birthday party. If she understands she was attending a kid's birthday party, we can say that she stole the limelight from the birthday boy. We were impressed by her performance, though! The girl is talented! She was born for the stage.

Everybody is now talking about that dress, and the talk is not that nice. A few tongues wagging about her dress are small waters. But Kelly Khumalo is a tough cookie; she'll be strong if she's paying any attention. That girl survived a lot, including being accused of having a hand in her boyfriend's death.

So Somizi turned 50? You and he still look good. Money is a skincare product, I tell you. That party was everything I told you! Somizi surely knows how to throw a party! We were saddened to hear about Vusi Nova's accident after she left the party shame! He is lucky to be alive. His car is now a write-off, but we are glad he is alive.