Tau Mogale and Karabo Moroka
Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo return to SABC 1's Generations: The Legacy. The duo made TV's power couple Tau Mogale and Karabo Moroka before Generations rebranded with a new name and cast mates.

According to the South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC), the couple will be reprising their roles, but it is for a short stint.

You can expect them to return in April. "Generations: The Legacy proudly welcomes two beloved guest performers in April. Viewers will no doubt be delighted by the appearance of Karabo Moroka (played by Connie Ferguson) and Tau Mogale (Rapulana Seiphemo), who will grace our screens once more in their historical roles," the statement reads.

"Viewers can expect all the class, charm, and poise these two have brought to the roles of Tau and Karabo. It promises to be an epic month, with the show's drama demanding the intervention of two important characters. As part of the larger Generations: The Legacy family, we can assure viewers that this is by no means the last or the least that we’ll see of the two. So stay tuned, catch up, and be prepared for an exceptional month ahead," the statement ends.

The two returned to television as a couple on Connie Ferguson's hit telenovela, The Queen. Together they started off as sworn enemies before eventually walking down the aisle. Rapulana played the character Hector Sebata, and Connie played 'The Queen' Harriet Khoza.

Connie joined Generations in 1994 and kept her role as Karabo until 2010. Rapulana also joined in the 90s.

The Queen ended after years of reigning supreme on Mzansi Magic. Connie penned a sweet message to the supporters, "It’s such a bittersweet moment for me. Sad that it’s coming to an end but also grateful for the opportunity to produce close to 6.5 seasons of a show that gave the young black producer the courage to say it is possible.

"Thank you for taking a chance on Sho and me and giving us our first opportunity as producers with the first-ever drama series on the platform, Rockville. A few other dramas followed after that, but The Queen has been our most significant break so far.

"It allowed us to do what had been our greatest desire, to create employment for more than 100 casts and crew for 6.5 years, allowing our staff to improve their lives and those of their families."