Who is Moses Tembe

Moses Tembe is a South African business tycoon interested in gaming, oil and gas, fast food, real estate, and a whole lot more. Many know the man as the father of the late Nellie Tembe, the fiancee of Kiernan Forbes, professionally known as AKA. Moses Tembe was the Chairperson of the KZN Growth Coalition and was involved in developing the Jozini Tiger Estate. But beyond the good, he achieved by creating local jobs for local people in his hometown.

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Well, since we all probably know by now that the South African rapper, AKA, recently passed away after getting shot while coming out of a club in Florida, Durban. People seem to have found a way to get Moses Tembe involved in the rapper's death, as people on social media have started speculating that Moses Tembe might have been the person responsible for calling the hit on AKA.

People seem to believe that Moses Tembe might have called the hit on AKA because he most likely believes that AKA killed his daughter Nellie Tembe, who passed away last year after getting into a huge altercation with AKA. So, people think Moses was getting back at AKA for that.

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People have been making posts saying that since Moses lives in Durban, it shouldn't have been hard for him to call the hit on, AKA. One fan even made a post and had this to say:

"Moses Tembe had something to do with AKA's death... Anele Tembe died under the hands of AKA / Supa Mega & the family didn't get answers, this is all Revenge, plus we know her father is a respected businessman in Durban, and then he killed; come on. They killed him. "