Photos are taken in Thekwane south outside Mbombela in Mpumalanga. The rain situation is becoming hectic.

We encourage people to first survey the land before they decide to build. It's raining because, at the floodplain, it will quickly erode. This is because many people are making in floodplains which is very difficult to survive.

Leaving the house you have built with your money is tricky, so we encourage people to hire a land surveyor who will also know about the consequences of building in floodplains.

Below are comments made by people.

Missing person toll rises in wake of Mpumalanga floods: The number of people who have been reported missing and are believed to have been swept away by flash floods has increased to six in the Nkomazi local municipality in Mpumalanga. 

We definitely have it hard, and it's so sad seeing people suffering from uncontrollable situations; people must relocate from such places. The floods in Mpumalanga province.

Heavy rain continues to cause havoc in another part of Mpumalanga Province in a township called Thekwane South.

Even more, rain is expected in the Lowveld, and the flood damages are mounting. This is a student's accommodation.