Burna Boy
The whole country is mourning the loss of Kiernan Forbes, professionally known as AKA, who was a viral South African rapper and performer who was known for putting on some of the most iconic performances in the country. Over the past few days, we have been seeing a lot of celebrities post images of themselves with the late rapper to show their respects; some have even written long messages dedicated to the late rapper, while some rappers didn't even say anything or post anything about the rapper, which made fans a little upset.

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Speaking of fans getting mad over celebrities not saying anything about the passing of AKA, many fans seem to be angry at the Nigerian singer/rapper Burna Boy for posting what fans call a "weird post" about the passing of AKA.

On Instagram, Burna Boy posted a story where he was rapping in the background, and on the post were the lyrics. Reading through the lyrics of the post, people did not like it at all as in the post, Burna Boy was saying that he did not wish for AKA to die, even though they were not close, and that he hoped his killers get caught.

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Fans have even gone as far as saying that Burna boy should have just posted a storytelling "RIP AKA", and it would have been much better because the one he posted almost seemed pretentious to a lot of people, and that's why they thought it's "weird".

I'm almost sure that Burna Boy did not have any bad intentions when he posted that story, it's just that a lot of people are taking it the wrong way, and as Burna Boy said, they weren't close, so he probably did not have much to say about the passing of AKA.