Social media is indeed the fastest way for something to go viral. The picture of a man removing Ramaphosa's photograph from the wall of his office and replacing it with that of David Mabuza has gone viral. The man is confident that Ramaphosa may have to step aside, so he is acting ahead. This can best be described as a typical example of someone running faster than his or her shadow. This is both hilarious and confusing.

 What if Ramaphosa is not resigning or stepping aside because the president has repeatedly said he will not step aside under any circumstances. He noted that he cannot step aside now because he is fighting corruption and transforming the nation, and he needs to be through with his renewal process. But some people have described his explanation as highly laughable. They noted that no meaningful project or development is ongoing in the country.

This Man is earnest with his move by removing Ramaphosa's official portrait from the wall of his office. He even told the deputy president, David Mabuza, to rise to the occasion. If not for David Mabuza is not a desperate politician, some people would have caused a rift between him and president Cyril Ramaphosa. Ramaphosa could have thought that David Mabuza might be engineering some people to make this kind of move. However, the quiet deputy president is rarely seen in public. 

This is why it may be possible that he will not return as the Deputy president in the next general election. In fact, many political analysts believe that Paul Mashatile will emerge victorious as the next ANC Deputy President. They argue that he has never lost an election and subsequently received overwhelming numbers of nominations from ANC branches. Indeed, he will also clinch it at the ANC elective conference.

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