Award-winning Amapiano artist Kabza De Small has come under fire for failing to pitch at an event he had been booked to perform at. Saint Lounge CPT just shared  Kabza De Small  will perform on their venue on the same day, 30 December 2022

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Popular entertainment establishment Rands Cape Town took to its social media accounts to announce that it has cut ties indefinitely with the Eningi hitmaker. According to a statement released by the establishment, Kabza failed to honour his booking for the second time, resulting in Rands cancelling him indefinitely.

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The first time he pulled a no-show without any communication, and unfortunately, history is once again repeating itself. Initially, Kabza failed to show up for his booking, so he chose a second date on Friday, but he again died.

The statement reads: "It is with great disappointment that we have to announce that once again, Kabza De Small will not be honouring his booking at Rands scheduled to take place today on Friday, 30 December 2022.

This follows the first booking that he cancelled without any communication from his team on 06 November, and as a result, we gave him the option to choose any date where he will make up for this messed up gig.

Today was the date he and his team chose; however, they have just communicated at the last minute that they won't be able to make it still, without giving us a valid reason as to why they won't be able to honour their gig."

Rands said Kabza's actions indicate that he does not respect the establishment and its patrons. Hence they have decided to never book him again.

"This indicates that they have no respect for Rands Cape Town and our patrons, regardless of the resources we've used to book them. As difficult as it may be, we are left without a choice but to cut ties with Kabza De Small and never book him again at Rands Cape Town."

Kabza is not the only artist to come under fire for failing to pitch for a gig. Makhadzi recently took to her Facebook account to apologise to her fans for not being able to attend an event in Sekhukhune due to inclement weather conditions.

Makhadzi said they would issue an update on the date of the event. "Unfortunately, the Sekhokhone event was outdoor, and we won't make it because of rain. I apologise to all my fans. We will update you with a new date," she wrote.

Fans flocked to the comments section to vent their frustrations. They said it has become a norm for the Matorokisi hitmaker to cancel gigs lately and issue an apology later.