According to the United States, it will keep working with South Africa to stop the militant group ISIS from using the nation’s economy to raise and move money to support the expansion of ISIS affiliates and networks.
ISIS cell operating in Durban

The US has announced sanctions against eight companies, four individuals, and a militant group that they claim is active in Durban.

The companies linked to ISIS terrorists funding are 

  1. MA Gold Traders (PTY) LTD, 
  2. Bailey Holdings (PTY) LTD, 
  3. Flexoseal Waterproofing Solutions (PTY) LTD, 
  4. HJ Bannister Construction CC, 
  5. Sultans Construction CC, 
  6. Ashiq Jewellers CC, 
  7. Ineos Trading (PTY) LTD, and 
  8. Shaahista Shoes CC.

According to the US Treasury Department, the sanctions are intended to cut off funding for the network and prevent ISIS from spreading throughout southern Africa.

It is thought that individuals and businesses support the militant group with material, financial, and technical assistance.

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According to a statement made by US authorities, Nufael Akbar and Farhad Hoomer allegedly worked together.

Akbar has been identified as the key commander of the ISIS cell in Durban.

Yunus Akbar, his brother, has also been charged with serving as an enforcer and the ISIS cell’s logistical coordinator.

According to the US, South African authorities detained associates of Hoomer in 2018 for their alleged involvement in a plot to plant explosive devices close to a mosque and commercial buildings.

According to the US State Department, they will keep collaborating with South Africa to defeat ISIS. The Sandton area, north of Johannesburg, was recently the subject of a terror alert from the US.

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This came after the US Treasury decided to sanction four ISIS and ISIS-Mozambique financial facilitators operating there in March.

Hoomer, Siraaj Miller, Abdella Hussein Abadigga, and Peter Charles Mbanga were mentioned. It was added that ISIS members and associates in South Africa were aiding in transferring funds from the ISIS leadership to branches throughout Africa.

The listings were made by an Executive Order that gives the US Government the power to interfere with the financial support systems of terrorists and their organisations, including by freezing the assets of people and companies involved in their illegal activities.