David Tlale Accused Of Raping

David Tlale is facing some serious allegations. The internationally renowned fashion designer and reality TV star have been accused of some truly horrible things by his ex-employee — who’s now calling his former boss a “rapist and narcissist”.

A young man named Zack took to his Instagram account to reveal what he suffered at the hands of David Tlale as an employee at African Fashion International (AFI). That was three years ago; he was only 21 years old and only summoned the courage to speak about it now.

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According to him, he was sexually exploited but was too young and naive to see it at that time, as Tlale was his role model. “This man, with ulterior motives, got close to me at 21 years of age while working for AFI (which is how we met) and forged a friendship. I was CHARMED and inspired by him. A role model to me at the time and to cut a long story short, he drugged and sexually abused me, he then exploited me of my skills during the pandemic,” Zack began his story.

Tlale, according to Zack, would ask him to write press releases and other copy work for which he would promise to pay him, but never did. “He later offered me a job as his PR & Comms Manager at my most vulnerable, think 2 weeks out of rehab, unemployed – he played around my desperation for purpose, tricked me down exactly 66% (I calculated!) less than what both he and I knew I was worth at the time,” Zack said.

Zack claims he quit after three months of working for David Tlale. “It took me almost 2 years to realise that I didn’t deserve any of that. To fully understand that it was, in fact, sexual assault. That I was taken advantage of and just how pure my intentions were. I was young, fragile.”

He went on to say that his experience was so bad that he ruled out options of ever working in the fashion media industry. The young man says he attempted to take his own life due to the ordeal. “At some point, I was suicidal, blamed and basically fell out of love with myself. Now l continue to heal and build a stronger self-image and confidence.

“F**K YOU SO MUCH, @davidtlale! You’re a RAPIST! A couch caster and overall a NARCISSIST. God bless you! But first, find God,” Zack said in his message where he tagged David Tlale.