SIU has confirmed that actress Terry Pheto is being investigated for the National Lotteries Commission fraud scheme amounting to millions. But the Tsotsi star has denied benefitting from the scandal. Groundup journalist Raymond Joseph elaborates.

Tsotsi lead actress Terry Pheto

Terry Pheto is the talk of the town following reports that she and 8 others were implicated in a lotto fraud case The award-winning media personality issued a statement debunking the claims and stating that she wasn't aware that she was being investigated. The Special Investigation Unit has explained how the Tsotsi lead actress' name was implicated in the case days after her statement.

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According to Eyewitness News, the SIU traced some funds back to the Tsotsi star because some money was used to buy a posh property she owns. 

The statement read: 

"Her name come into the fold when we were tracing the money and we ended up in this property that is owned by her and that is why her name is attached to this because we were tracing the money that was supposed to have gone to an NPO, to other people, and ended up being used to buy the property that she owns." 

 Meanwhile, Terry Pheto responded to the allegations in a post on Twitter. The media personality revealed that she was shocked to learn that his name had been mentioned in the case. She denied knowing anything about the case and vowed to work with the authorities until everything was exposed. 

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