Former president Jacob Zuma
Zuma seems to be involved in politics now that he is free, which is good because people still like him. People talk about him no matter where he goes, and he still has a lot of fans, especially in KZN. Yesterday, he gave a speech at Osidingo Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal about OR Thambo. There were a lot of people there to hear the great lesson. The lecture's goal was to ensure that the users and former leaders were not forgotten and that their political ideas were not lost.

Zuma spoke without any remorse during the whole lecture. He even mentioned Ramaphosa's name and said he bought the presidency. Zuma seems ready to fight for the African National Congress. He is the first member of the African National Congress to point out Ramaphosa without being afraid or holding back. Even on social media, his speech left people speechless. During the talk, people had a great time singing and chanting struggle songs in honour of OR Tambo.

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But when photos of Zuma's address were shared on social media, people saw something on his head that made them wonder many things. They saw that Zuma's side of the head looked like it had a tumour. On the right side of his head, he has something that looks like a tumour or scars and a bit sensitive. People were asking what that thing is because it looked way too delicate. Look at the picture below:

It looks like a scar, a big, painful one. Zuma is getting way too old, so it can't be a surprise even if it is a tumour. Zuma was a fighter back then, so he might have gotten that scar or whatever it was from fighting. We should be happy that he is still alive and well. Zuma seems to be the best hope for rebuilding the ANC. People were moved by what he said, which is precisely what people wanted to hear. Zuma will turn his fans against Ramaphosa if he doesn't watch out.