Intaba Yase Dubai is still at war with Ambitiouz Entertainment

The conflict between Ambitiouz Entertainment and one of its artists, Intaba Yase Dubai, is far from over.

A new development in the conflict between the two parties is that Intaba Yase Dubai now accuses the record company of removing one of his singles from YouTube.

The musician recently accused Ambitiouz Entertainment of withdrawing his song “Voicemail” from the video-streaming service in a statement on his Facebook page.

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He shared a screenshot of a message he received after his song got removed.

The singer’s assertions that he received no compensation for his contributions to Big Zulu’s “Imali Eningi” song were followed by this public outburst. Big Zulu responded by clarifying that the songster was compensated by the record company, and Ambitiouz Entertainment concurred. Since then, Intaba Yase Dubai and Ambitiouz’s friendship has deteriorated.

Anyone familiar with the record label's history wouldn’t be surprised by the recent argument between the artist and the label.

The label hasn’t released an official statement.