Mapula Tells Tito Mboweni

A lady known as Mapula has urged the former minister of finance, Mr Tito Mboweni, to teach president Cyril Ramaphosa the importance of stepping aside and following the footsteps of Boris Johnson. She wrote, "Teach Ramaphosa the importance of stepping aside". Tito Mboweni had posted that politics is unforgiving, expressing shock that Boris Johnson still had to resign. He wrote, "Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns. A "very British coup".

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Politics is unforgiving "g". However, people are crowding his Twitter page, urging him to advise his fellow ANC members, especially president Cyril Ramaphosa, about the importance of stepping aside. Another person wrote that African leaders would rather cling to power and, if possible, die there because they would not want to step aside. He noted that it's rare for an African leader to step aside. Furthermore, he argued that African leaders copy many things from Foreign leaders, but they cannot copy this particular one of stepping aside when things are not going well.

Recall that various journalists have had to ask President Cyril Ramaphosa if he ever considered stepping aside. Still, he said that he would not step aside, that it would amount to interfering with the investigation. The two did not relate. However, he has previously said that he believes that any leader accused of corruption should step aside, saying that this is his personal belief.

People are protesting due to an increment in fuel prices amidst a level 6 load shedding crisis rocking the nation. They also lament the increasing unemployment rate, with some Democratic Alliance political leaders saying that Ramaphosa is taxing the citizens into poverty. Another famous social media influencer wrote" "Black African leaders do not resign. It is not in them. They are longer even when they can barely stay awake at work "k".