Racist Bheki Cele attack

Rights group Action Society said that it would not back down in its quest for the Western Cape to receive the same police resources as the rest of the country.

This follows a tense exchange between Police Minister Bheki Cele and the group in Gugulethu on Tuesday.

Cele was in the area addressing concerns about high levels of crime.

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Action Society's Ian Cameron accused the police minister of not giving enough attention to the province when it came to crime.

The minister lost his temper with Cameron, who was removed from the gathering by the police.

"And I'm not going to take any nonsense of somebody who regards me as a garden boy today because you regard me as a garden boy. You come here... Shut up! Shut up! I sat here, I listened to you talking nonsense. Listen! It's your time to listen! Sit down and listen young man, or get out," Cele screamed.