Pearl Thusi after Nota Baloyi

Pearl Thusi has lashed out at controversial media personality Nota Baloyi after he came for her mothering skills in another Twitter rant. Nota, famous for always calling out celebrities, accused the Queen Sono actress of being a dead mother to her children. Reacting to Nota's rants, Pearl said she is a hardworking mother who goes over and beyond to support her children; she even threatened to sue him for defamation of character.

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Nota Baloyi recently took aim at famous actress and model Pearl Thusi. The controversial media personality accused Pearl of being an absent deadbeat mother who is only available for Instagram pictures. Nota, who was speaking during an interview with Rea Gopane and Black Steph on Everything SA Music said the stunner is a helicopter parent who left her daughter to be raised by her ex and his wife while she parties a storm.

Pearl Thusi did not take the allegations lightly. The stunner slammed Baloyi on Twitter, calling him a lunatic. She set the record straight, telling him that she is the one who stays with the children and provides for them. She wrote: 

"One, I have two children (I love, live with, and pay for everything). Two, I'm a black woman. Why are white women never targeted because they are feared for some reason? Backing down is never an option regarding my kids and the lessons o teach them." 

Pearl added that people can attack her all they want, not her children. She tweeted: 

"Talk about how you hate my tweets, my house, my looks, my clothes and even my work. I don't care, enjoy your opinion. As soon as you involve my kids, you start a war."