May Jessie Duarte soul RIP

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe confirmed the death of "comrade Yasmin 'Jessie' Duarte, 69, during the early morning of Sunday"." He said, "It's a pinnacle of hierarchical strength and both a patriarch and a mainstay of her family," Duarte, who has been treated for disease and has been sick since November 2021.

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"The demise of Jesse is a colossal misfortune not exclusively to the family, yet to the vote-based development and the entire country. As a dedicated internationalist and previous negotiator, she isn't just a SA citizen yet additionally a partner and friend on the African landmass. Furthermore, grieve for the global moderate development racial, non-misogynist, popularity based, prosperous, just SA "will be covered in Johannesburg on Sunday as per Muslim customs.

"A gave orientation extremist, she has put forth a vigorous attempt to free and enable ladies. Duarte has been an individual from ANC's Public Leader Board of trustees since 2002. Her life and work are reliable in advancing the freedoms of poor people and those abandoned in the public eye.