Mamkhize is a South African businesswoman and a reality TV star. She is well known to her followers for showing off her luxurious life. She takes her followers through her lifestyle and life events through social media.

She was known to dress up and take pictures with her son, Andile Mpisane. People assume she spoiled her son too much and that she does anything he says/ wants.

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Last night, Sithelo took to social media to talk about how badly Andile treated her. The nation laughed at Sithelo earlier this year when she was bragging about dating him, and the next thing he married someone else, embarrassing her in front of the whole nation.

Andile has two children with Sithelo and a newborn baby with his current wife, Tamia. Sithelo revealed that Andile used to beat her to the pulp in front of his family, and they would do nothing about it. Mamkhize has now released a statement saying Sithelo is lying. Why would she conclude that Sithelo was lying when Andile was heard threatening her on a call.

The picture is of Dingaan Thobela, a former South African professional boxer. He is also a former two-time lightweight world champion and a former super middleweight world champion. Some people always say Mamkhize looks like the above boxer. You can also see the resemblance in this picture. Sithelo used the shot just after Mamkhize released a statement.