Often, women tend to keep quiet about being physically and emotionally abused by those they are romantically involved with because of fear that they will be killed. In most cases, women are found dead after reaching out to their close friends and family members about how they are being abused by those they are in romantic relationships with.

Sithelo Shozi, who is a South African most adored fashionista and beauty enthusiast, has finally come out of the shell to prove that she is actually the victim in her past relationship with Andile Mpisane. This was after she was bashed on social media about abusing Andile Mpisane just because she is older than him. After being together for three years, the two had a terrible breakup where everyone thought Andile was the actual victim since he is 6 years younger than Sithelo. No one thought the reason for the breakup would be anything that had to do with physical abuse. Sithelo Shozi finally broke the silence by releasing pictures of how she was brutally abused by Andile Mpisane. This shocked Mzansi because Andile has always been viewed as MaMkhize’s mama’s innocent baby.

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Below are some pictures she posted on her Instagram stories to prove herself innocent and expose how Andile ill-treated her whilst they were still together.

Andile Mpisane always threatened Sithelo that he would kill her if she decided to break up with him or voice out that he is abusing her. This was because he did not want her to taint their family’s name and his image. After Sithelo exposed all of this on the media through her Instagram stories, Andile Mpisane called to threaten her again that he would kill her and screenshots of the threatening message’s coming from Andile were shared.

This is very sad because Sithelo is just trying to stand up for herself and prove guilty, but her life is just being threatened. She has been through a lot with the Mpisane’s bullying her whilst she was still with them and now that she is no longer with them.