Uncle Waffles

Social media sensation and DJ Lungelihle Zwane, popularly known as “Uncle Waffles”, has opened up about her relationship status and sexuality.

In a recent Instagram live, the 21-year-old Amapiano DJ did an impromptu Q&A with her fans and shared she was taken.

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“I am bisexual, but I am in a heterosexual relationship,” she said.

Previously, Uncle Waffles has had to defend herself against rumours that she is transgender, saying social media has left people feeling “entitled”.

This is after a picture of herself alongside her dancers at the Cotton Fest sparked rumours about her sexuality.

“When do you guys step back and evaluate? Why do you think conversations or saying things like these to strangers is normal? Social media has really made you all feel so entitled to s**t. Let's respect each other.”

She said people were taking advantage of celebs choosing to keep silent.

“You all are used to public figures having to keep quiet and be the bigger person, and that being considered some sort of “maturity”. That's made people on social media get away with being s**t individuals.

“Where do you get the audacity to say things like this? Then go on and show your transphobia through it? I don't usually say anything, but now a whole community is affected. Please, it's important to learn when you're overstepping.”