Sithelo Part Of Mr JazziQ'

The rumour mill says that Amapiano DJ Mr JazziQ is involved with numerous women. Giving off some Young Stunna vibes, Mr JazziQ has been allegedly dating 6 women, including Sithelo Shozi and Khaya Mkangisa.

Controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula has accused these women of dating Mr JazziQ.

Taking to Twitter, Musa revealed that Durban DJ Sithelo Shozi is apparently dating Mr JazziQ as they were spotted together at a gig. This wouldn't be the first time they were accused of being an item. Just two months ago, they sparked dating rumours that they never addressed.

This was after they gave each other shout-outs on social media more often. When she bought her puppy Beau and created an Instagram account for it, the puppy only followed two people, her and JazziQ.

She and JazziQ were also spotted wearing the same jackets on different occasions.

Last night, they were spotted together, and Musa even shared a video of them having a private conversation with Sithelo, asking JazziQ what can she get him as she kept her promises.

MrJazziQ spotted with his new girlfriend Sithelo. Lovebirds MrJazziQ and Sithelo spotted An exclusive conversation between Sithelo and her hoe boyfriend MrJazziQ. But Musa did not stop there, he went on to expose a list of JazziQ's alleged girlfriends and there is 5 more of them, including actress Khaya Mkangisa. Meet MrJazziQ's 3rd girlfriend Charity.

Charity is also a mother to 7 month old twins fathered by MrJazziQ. Meet MrJazziQ's 4th girlfriend Buhle Gugwana.

Buhle Gugwana comes after Sithelo Shozi, Khanya Mkangisa and the mother of the twins. Meet MrJazziQ's 5th girlfriend Sbahle.

Sbahle comes after Sithelo Shozi, Khanya Mkangisa, the mother of the twins and Buhle Gugwana. Meet MrJazziQ's 6th girlfriend Zinhle Masilela.

Please see a leaked conversation between Zinhle Masilela and her hoe boyfriend MrJazziQ. Meet MrJazziQ's 7th and 8th girlfriends.

They come after Sithelo Shozi, Khanya Mkangisa, the mother of the twins, Buhle Gugwana, Sbahle and Zinhle Masilela.