A gospel artiste from South Africa was going about his day at a funeral ceremony before he suffered a wardrobe malfunction Betusile Mcinga performed at the funeral when his pair of trousers ripped at the back, but that did not deter his spirit. He took his coat and wrapped it around his waist before continuing with the praise and worship session at the funeral.
Betusile Mcinga

Young entrepreneurs are constantly told not to be afraid of making mistakes because, when building a business, you can learn a great deal from the blunders you commit.

But, what if one of the mistakes you make while building your business is embarrassing, like a wardrobe malfunction, for example? Incidents of outfits gone wrong can happen to anyone, at any time, including while the entrepreneur is delivering a speech or conducting an important meeting.

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That embarrassing mistake can mean disaster if not handled professionally and appropriately. If a zipper, button, or stitches breaking should happen to you, revealing too much, there are ways to take it, but for one Gospel artiste, his coat came in handy after his trouser ripped at the back.

Gospel Betusile Mcinga's trouser rips South African gospel artiste, and MC Betusile Mcinga looked sharp in a suit he had donned before he suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing at a funeral. However, that did not stop him from carrying on with the day's events.

'As I was on stage performing at Chief Ndevu's funeral, I got an accident while dancing; my pants were torn apart or broken," he captioned photos of himself in the torn pair of trousers.

"I think I should sew the tailor," he added.