Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng is a South African well-known sangoma who speaks nothing but the truth about famous and fake sangomas in our country. She is well known for her traditional healing name, Gogo Skhotheni.

Gogo skhotheni is well known as a YouTuber who shared her personal experience about initiation and how one can find help when going to a traditional healer. Before accepting her calling she was,s a businesswoman and a property developer who rose to fame after. After who she was, she obtained her calling of being a sangoma.

She and her husband Monde met through Facebook and fell present within three months after they both started dating.

She became more famous and well-known with her YouTube channel, which made her open up about anything from talking about her spiritual calling to talking about her husband Monde.,

She was then given a proposal by Moja love to host her reality show. The show has also gained her more followers and popularity. Interest trailer, she was heard talking to Monde, the father of her kids. That her ancestors are demanding her to take another husband.

"Baba I was asked to take a second husband by my ancestors, so I thought I should let you know," said Gogo skhotheni
Gogo Skhotheni is serious about having two husbands. Mzansi is shocked that Gogo Skhotheni said it to Monde. People still can't believe this is happening to Monde, an innocent soul. Sadly, it's hurting her husband Monde,, and she doesn't see it that way. She's controlling and demanding.

Oh, the co, conversation stems from #Gogoskhotheni. She said. Shehe underground gang wants her to take another husband. But she's been seeing this other man for 6 months already.

Tumi has been mentioning that GogoSkhotheni is a man. She also mentioned that Skhotheni was a polygamist with many wives in the last episode. People are now confused because she said he has many wives' wives days the Skhotheni want two husband husbands means he is a woman ta today. She made a mistake in explaining to Monde before saying YES to Monde's proposal.

This thing of Sangoma started way back but never have we ever heard that there's a sangoma who has two husbands. She wants to hide her infertility tendencies behind the anchors. #GogoSkhotheni is using ancestors as an excuse. Monde is right when he says she does this for personal gain. She will be the first black woman to marry two men.

Skhotheni should stop using their ancestors to hide her cheating ways. She must admit that she was fooling around and falling in love, not that ancestors would be used as cover.

Last week she and Gobela (initiator) spoke about how they can make the 'husbands' get along. Now pre, she'll do anything to keep him.

"I'll do everything I can to keep him" she meant witchcraft.

Tumi has failed her husband. She m. Sheo something to stop this polygamist thing if she really loves Monde,, as she says. Monde feels betrayed and not a man enough. He paid the double amount for the lobola, and he still has tohasish the lobola. GogoSkhotheni on the other hand she's speaking about paying lobola with money she's getting from Sangoma. And in that money, she said, yes it's her money and not their money.