Images from Gqeberha (previously known as Port Elizabeth) Emalaydini's Tavern, a popular hangout, went viral on social media, causing controversy in Mzansi. Emalaydini let minor's party on New Year's Eve make headlines.

Location: 17 Zinyoka, Gqeberha, Malta (it opened in November 2018). (Port Elizabeth). Before the addition of famous DJs and celebrity nights, it was just a typical hangout where folks could grab refreshments and unwind.

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Pictures of several children drinking at the tavern incensed the business's owners, who angered the people of Mzansi. In South Africa, companies can't sell booze to anyone younger than 18. In reaction to criticism, the tavern's management removed the photographs of kids from their Facebook page and apologized. The New Year's Eve celebration was a free admission way to give back to the community, but security failed to manage the crowd.

Many strange things happen at Emalaydini, such as pregnant women drinking and individuals being caught in the act. Still, this woman took the cake when she was seen on camera kissing multiple men during a single evening.