Uncle Waffle

South Africa’s social media buzzed after Uncle Waffles’ booking fees and riders were made public. Mzansi was left stunned, and their jaw dropped after it was revealed that the DJ charges a staggering R80 000 to perform an hour’s set for local indoor bookings.

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Uncle Waffles charges R120 000 per hour for a set in South Africa for outdoor events. These charges do not include transport and accommodation costs.

For appearances, Uncle Waffles charges R50 000 for indoor events and R80 000 for outdoor events. These are the exact amounts she demands to perform as a Master of Ceremony (MC) at indoor and outdoor events. 

For international events, Uncle Waffles charges US$25 000 for festivals. This amount translates to R420 000. For Indoor or Club venues, she charges US$18 000. This amount translates to R300 000. Again, these amounts do not include the costs for transport and accommodation.

Uncle Waffles is one of South Africa’s hottest DJs and has been living the dream following her breakout video last year. Since then, she has been winning and is living her best life.

Following the revelations of how much Uncle Waffles earns for her bookings, Mzansi was left jaw dropped. Many remarked on how well Uncle Waffles was doing and applauded her for taking full advantage of the opportunities she presented.

Others advised her to make the most of this opportunity, arguing that things change quickly in showbiz. Some disputed the figures, arguing that they were only meant for publicity and negotiation.