East London for making fake alcohol

10 Foreign Nationals were arrested in East London for making fake alcohol. It is suspected that this counterfeit alcohol is what caused the Enyobeni incident.
fake alcohol.

We presently have a popular topic that has been topping internet rankings, and it has made many people realize that foreigners are in South Africa to profit from illicit activities. Two foreign men were apprehended in their factory producing allegedly lethal counterfeit booze.

Their primary concern is making money, and they are ignoring the public's health. The police must take action against this because they cannot idly watch as individuals murder the nation. It appears they are faking everything they encounter, which is inappropriate.

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They were found forging Smirnoff, Gordon's, and Hennessy but are unaware that they could be sued for their actions. Because most alcoholic beverages are phoney, it has been suggested that individuals should be careful when consuming them.

Consider what others have stated in the comments:

Since 2018 or 2019, if I'm not mistaken, people have been moaning about them and stating that they must leave. They will not move because, purportedly, the government is protecting them. We are accustomed to these complaints, but no action has been taken.

If these were Zimbabweans, they would be slaughtered, but because they are privileged, this story would not even go viral.

The president, legislators, and police officers are all corrupt, and the constitution is a joke. South Africans, you are doing a fantastic job of attaining the status of Zimbabwe.

We have been singing "They must go home" for years, and we will continue to sing it since this population is not going anywhere!

They must, as a crusade, feed their loved ones with this foolishness.

I once purchased pampers diapers, but they leaked so badly that I had to change the kid three times in a single night.

These Foreigners have done many things, yet we cannot accomplish anything, not even run the government, because their money works for them.

We will proclaim this till the return of Jesus.

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