Enyobeni Tavern
Because their loved ones, who were their future, were taken away from them at such a young age, this has damaged a lot of individuals and caused a situation where many families are fractured right now.

We estimate that the victims were between the ages of 13 and 17, and their deaths resulted from some sort of unexplained occurrence about which no one seems to have any firm information. But many claim that the people who were there at the time did this because of her, and this is what is causing widespread curiosity.

Of course, the general public is worried about what happened here, and so are the authorities, who have supposedly filed criminal charges against the tavern's owner and are planning to suspend the license to sell alcohol.

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It is believed that his stores, which are now closed, provided a safe space for young people to experiment with alcohol and other substances that are clearly not good for them at this time. You can imagine the public's plight, and it follows that they would like things to be handled in a way that leaves regular people feeling content with the steps that have been taken.

But there will always be an emptiness that can't be filled because terrible things have happened to actual people, and no one can adequately explain why. Overcrowding and a flurry of activity on the premises have been hypothesized.