The True Cause of Death at the Killer Event In Enyobeni Tavern That Killed 21 Kids Exposed

Date: 2022/06/28

The reason 21 children at Enyobeni Tavern died has been exposed, and the reason is that it was reported that they were accidentally poisoned, but it has not been reported by who. The full autopsy result is not yet out.

Eastern Cape has a very dangerous tavern where kids just died out of the blue, and no one knows how; something has to be done about that, the shebeen owner will most likely lose his license, but he will most likely repurchase it if he does things his own way.

The event promised to be a killer event in winter. This shows that South Africans love to drink. You were considered weak in the neighbourhood if you were not invited to the event. People would treat you like you did not mean anything. That is why people were there. The people on the news were angry that it had to happen that way, they expected the event to go smooth and no one to die, but unfortunately, the alcohol was sold to underage children who came to have fun but ended up dying in vain.

The pub owner said he was not there, so he did not know what was happening. He did not expect his people to sell alcohol to underage children who would die. Then the entire community was shocked that the children were not home late at night on Sunday evening as they went to have fun, but the outcome was death at the end of everything else.

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Bheki Cele visited the community and did not speak the way politicians would. All he did was tell them the truth that as parents from 6-7 pm, children should be at home, which is their responsibility.