Petrol price expected increase

Experts have warned consumers to prepare for another steep fuel price increase next week. The AA has warned that consumers could expect an increase of about R2 in petrol and diesel prices.

Layton Beard, the AA spokesperson, said unaudited fuel price data from the Central Energy Fund showed a possible increase of R1.80 in the price of petrol and an increase of R1.60 in the price of diesel.

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The increase in local taxi fares came into effect on June 15, and the increase in long-distance trips will start on July 1.

Commuters will pay R1 000 and more to travel to the Eastern Cape.

Sifiso Shangase, spokesperson for the South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) in KwaZulu-Natal, said the industry faced a tough time.

Taxi commuters will be hit with hefty increases of up to R5, the highest in history, as fuel prices and the cost of living continue to spiral.

Mpho Mukhari of the Mamelodi Local and Long-Distance Taxi Association (Malldta) said the increase came after consultation with all stakeholders.

He said local fares will increase from R12 to R15, while those going to town or eastern suburbs would fork out R5 more from R20 to R25.

Learners would pay R12 for a local trip and R20 if they went to town and eastern suburbs.

The two assured passengers that the association would only increase fares once even though the petrol price was expected to increase again next month.
“We were faced with the July unrest last year, and before that, we battled through the Covid-19 pandemic, and now we are struggling with ongoing fuel price increases.

“All this has negatively impacted the taxi industry – we are especially concerned that this will not be the last increase we will see,” said Shangase. He also confirmed that taxi fares would go up tomorrow.

“Due to the fuel increases, taxi fares will go up by at least R1 for short-distance travel. However, there are different routes – so it can be up to R2 or more, depending on the routes. Long-distance travel will obviously take more fuel and will have larger increases in taxi fare,” added Shangase. He said the price increase notices would be put up on the taxis on Friday and appealed to communities to understand the need for the increases.