Boko Haram criminals

On Tuesday, the Limpopo Division of the High Court in Polokwane sentenced three “Boko Haram” gang members to 384 years in jail.

They were part of a gang of outlaws named Boko Haram and were charged with intimidating the locals in the Seshego and Westenburg areas.
Boko Haram" trio sentenced to an effective 128 years' imprisonment each after they were convicted on a total of 25 cases committed in Seshego and Westenburg policing areas committed during Sept and Oct 2017.
The three were found guilty in a total of 25 cases involving charges of murder, attempted murder, possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, breaking and entering with the intent to commit robbery, robbery with exceptional circumstances, and malicious destruction of property theft, and house robberies.

Limpopo Provincial Police Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe says the criminals terrorized communities.

“We are contented with the long jail sentences handed down by the high court against these heartless thugs who were terrorizing communities in the said areas. The investigating skills of the detective and team that assisted him are highly appreciated and commendable,” Hadebe said.