The past few months have been quite tragic for Loliwe hitmaker Zahara as just recently, her awards were reportedly stolen from her home.

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Speculations surfaced that Dj Sbu allegedly had thieves break into Zahara's home to steal the said awards.

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That might have been the beginning of Zahara's problems, as reports state that she stands to lose her home in Roodeport as of the 7th of May 2022.

It has been reported that Zahara is struggling to settle her loan worth R1.9Million which she secured surety using her house.

Zahara is said to be in 6 months arrears by R17 665.40.

We hate to admit that it is rather shocking that the bank would auction a house worth much more than the areas, given that the debtor has been making arrangements to settle the account.

When Zahara was questioned, she said that she struggled to make payment on the said loan due to the lockdown but has since recovered and has before paid R180 000 towards the loan.

She claims that she has been paying the loan in advance to fix her credit.

Do you think that Zahara had a fair fighting chance in the music industry? It really does seem like she's fighting everything she has to stay afloat, and the industry is just trying to bury her alive.

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