Babalwa Mneneo

Musa Khuwula is back again, and this time it is something massive as just informing his followers about attending a party for a good time. This time it includes a financial matter for Babalwa Mneneo's lifestyle. Apparently, she owes Standard Bank for the repossessed Range Rover Sport after failing to pay two thousand and thirty-five Rand monthly.

But then, some followers are still not happy with Musa Khuwula because he was recently out of touch and was not very well informed about the celebrity or famous people's lifestyles. But since then, he has been on top of his game, and what he tweeted has been reported by major media outlets, and he has regained his credit. With Mneneo, it is not yet confirmed, but surely it will.

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Someone responded that next time he will be tweeting Cassper Nyovest about owning one of the cars he has a collection of and now that he is looking into buying another vehicle. If it is true, it can't be denied that Musa Khuwula is all the time standing for what he tweets. He has a notice that says, "I totally agree with what I am saying." He is like Solphenduka from the Podcast and Chill with MacG.

At the moment, Babalwa Mneneo's account is in arrears, and the loan is almost 1 million Rand. He was interviewed for his tweets on the radio about lifestyle information on celebrities, and he gave them what they wanted to hear from him. It would not be a surprise when they really learn that it is accurate, which is what his followers wanted from him.


As for Mneneo's failure to make payments, it started in February 2020. Really, Musa is going very deep into the celebrity lifestyle, and it was not known to the public that she does not have anything to owe or that she is paying up her bills very well. It is not about having credit and failing to make the payment.