This is a sad story of a lovely young lady of 25 who discovers that her four-month-old husband is a car wash boy, not a car dealer, as he led her to believe during their courtship. During their affair, the lady claimed he would come to see her with various cars, and when she inquired, he told her he was a car dealer.

After four months of marriage, she realised the truth when she discovered he worked at a car wash.

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"HELP! I am a 25-year-old woman. I've been married for four months, but I'm starting to regret it, and I need your help.

My husband used to bring all types of cars to my house to visit before we married, and when I inquired what he did, he said he was a car dealer. Three months after we married, I discovered he worked at a car wash. So the cars he came to show me were cars that had been left at the washing bay for them to wash. How could he possibly deceive me like that? In this marriage, how can I trust him? The worst aspect is that I am a recent graduate who has only recently started working.