A baseball catcher's mitt will give you years of protection and enjoyment if you treat it well. That’s a long time to be wearing something that doesn’t fit perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s not so obvious at a glance which size will fit you best.

Sizing a Rawlings catcher’s mitt is easy! A measurement here and there, and you’re ready to choose. Read on to find out how and you’ll have the confidence to pick up a new glove in no time.

Fits Like a Glove

While all gloves technically fit like gloves, there’s a good fit and a bad fit. A bad fit has the potential to bother you for years to come, wishing you’d gone up or down a size. Conversely, a good fit is something you’ll enjoy and appreciate each time you use it.

Bonds are formed with the items we use on a day-to-day basis. When we hold something in our hands for a long time and become acquainted with it, it’s not uncommon to attach an emotion or general feeling towards whatever it is.

Baseball is an intense game where fractions of a second can mean the difference between a win and a loss. You can bet the catcher whose mitt feels like an extension of himself is going to have the edge over the competition. This relationship starts with sizing the Rawlings mitt correctly.

Rawlings Catcher’s Mitt

Of all the available options to choose from, the Rawlings catcher’s mitt is one of the more well-known and trusted options. Always masterfully made from supple full-grain kip leather, these mitts can absorb the force of thousands of fastballs and keep your hand safely protected while doing so.

Our catcher’s mitt sizing guide will keep it simple for you. The catcher’s mitts typically range from 30” to 35”. Youth catchers will want to stay under 31”, while adults find the larger sizes more optimal.

To measure a mitt, spread it as wide as it will go palm side down. To find the size, push the mitt flat and measure around its entirety. Whatever the mitt's circumference, that’s its size. Simple!

Size Guide

Worrying about how to size a catcher's mitt and the purchase of a correctly sized mitt is completely understandable. A finely made mitt is an expensive item that you’ll treasure. Rawlings knows this and has put together a comprehensive catcher’s mitt size chart to help you find the perfect size.

Rough glove size is determined by age. Youth glove sizes for ages 7 to 12 range from 11.5” to 12.12”, depending on the position played. Adult glove sizes begin at ages 12+ and range from 12” to 12.75”.

The difference might not seem a lot on paper, but in practice, an inch of space in a catcher’s mitt can easily be the difference between comfort and a terrible fit.

Home Run

Now you’re all set to size and purchase your Rawlings catcher’s mitt! It wasn’t so daunting in the end, was it? You’ll have a perfectly sized mitt with proper care and use for years to come. This way, if you drop the ball, it won’t be due to improper sizing!

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