Nhlanhla Lux
Tempers are running high as residents of Pimville have gathered at a house of a man who was shot and killed on Monday. Angry residents cornered Minister Bheki Cele before he could address the gathering. Nhlanhla Lux and other leaders of the community have joined the large crowd. Nhlanhla Lux had to try to maintain order outside the home of Kgomotso Diale, who was killed on Monday. Diale was killed following an altercation between Operation Dudula members and the Chicken Farm settlement residents.

Nhlanhla Lux had an opportunity to confront Bheki Cele. He told Cele that residents will have to rise up and fight for themselves if the police don’t do that. "The guns you left when fighting with the Boers are all over Soweto, and we won't hesitate to use them. If we are met with crime, and the police have no resources like you say, we'll have to fight for yourselves. And once we start doing that, we'll begin to operate outside the law's boundaries, which is something we haven't done yet. WATCH VIDEO HERE

To Bheki Cele, Stumbling from crisis to crisis solves nothing. Alex, Robertson, Diepsloot, now Pimville... will be another illegal immigrant crisis next week. There is still no coherent plan to deal decisively with illegal immigrants...not even a special Presidential task team as usual. Lawlessness will always prevail if there's no plan.

Other community members echoed Nhlanhla Lux. "People who are not from Pimville or Soweto don't understand the struggle we face of going for weeks and months without electricity because of cable theft by illegal immigrants. You people don't understand what the ANC has done by allowing foreigners to come and camp in our townships".

People are tired of the government making all sorts of promises to them. It's a pity they are resorting to taking the law into their own hands. Do you think Nhlanhla Lux will be able to fight till the end?