SK Khoza has opened up about his viral meltdown video in which he was acting strangely and swearing at an unidentified man while others were trying to calm him down. 

The former The Queen actor denied that he was under the influence of drugs when the video was filmed but said he was reacting to bad treatment.

Even though the award-winning thespian claims someone rubbed him up the wrong way, concerned Mzansi peeps still want the star to get professional help.

SK Khoza has reportedly opened up about his viral meltdown video. The star has denied that he was under the influence of drugs when the clip was filmed. 

In the trending clip, the former The Queen actor hurling insults at an unidentified man and making strange sounds. He shared that he reacted the way he did because he was upset. 

According to TimesLIVE, the award-winning star shared that he was treated badly and lost "my sh*t" at the time the video was filmed. Responding to people who have accused him of being under the influence of drugs, the star rubbished the claims. SK Khoza said people like saying "nonsense". He even added that his family knows that he doesn't do drugs. 

"I've taken drug tests in front of my family members," the publication reports. He went on to share that he doesn't care how Mzansi interprets the video because it was just one of those moments someone rubbed him up the wrong way. The clip and SK's name are still topping the trends list on Twitter as tweeps discuss his behaviour. Some want the actor to get professional help.

@vocalAngel101 wrote: "People around SK Khoza are not true friends, maan." 

@MissMakgoale said: 

"Dear SK Khoza, whatever you are going through you're not the only one. We are unemployed, owing institution,have no work experience, never drive a car,sometimes sleep with only noodles but we are still standing. Do not let depression to over power you. Eventually you will overcome this."/

@_KatlegoSemusa commented: 

"SK Khoza's friends are mean snakes. Friends that make fun of you at your lowest moments for the sake of fame/clout or whatever it is they hope to achieve are nothing close to friends. Then again, we deal with stress differently in this world. As for Thokoza Gogo ka gana." 

@lisa_maliee wrote: 

"Whatever demons SK Khoza is dealing with, I hope he finds healing. I don't have the energy to judge him because I'm also dealing with my own demons so I'll leave it to lona di 'professionals'.

@NkanyeziKubheka added: "So sad to see what's happening to SK Khoza, such a talented and happy soul. Sending love and prayers to him. I hope he finds help soon."