Lady Du

"Piano bought me a house and 6 cars; CASH" Lady Du reveals she has 6 cars and a posh house.

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Lady Du is a South African woman with a keen interest in the Amapiano genre. That's the very genre that she DJ's in and got recognition through. She's also a songwriter and vocalist.

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Today, she posted a very educating post. She went over how it's important to stay anchored in what matters to you and not be blinded by social media validation. How so? By choking yourself in debts to please social media and give people like me content to munch over.

Her post read, "🙏❤️ piano bought me a house and 6 cars!!!! I owe nothing to my cars 🙏🙏🙏 learn not to do things for social media. Save as much as you can to better your own life!!! The pressure will leave you with nothing. I have not even touched my royalties 🙏😉 work smart, not hard."

This is an important reminder to fellow artists and musicians because most get overwhelmed by the fame and promised life, and they start living above and beyond their means. By being focused and knowing what you want, you avoid the unnecessary pressure of chasing a fake life and breaking your back repaying that life.

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