R350 Unemployment Grant applications
The Daily Sun reported that the new R350 Unemployment Grant applications had been put on hold by the agency. This implies that those community members who wish to apply for the grant will not be able to do so. The grant was introduced in 2020 to assist those affected by the pandemic .

The grant had been issued under the National State of Disaster by the government. However, as the National State of Disaster ended, the applications for the R350 Unemployment Grants will only be processed when there is an amendment to the Covid-19 regulations. This was reportedly confirmed by Paseka Letsatsi, the spokesperson for SASSA. It was reported that the SASSA spokesperson confirmed that the new applications will only be processed when there is an amendment of the regulations from Disaster Management to Social Assistance Act by the government. Everything has to be following the law, and the funds can only be released when an Act is put in place .

This will affect those community members who rely on the R350 Unemployment Grant. They will not have any funds from the government until that period when the Social Assistance Act gets amended. It is not clear when the process will be completed, but many people will get affected. The Unemployment Grant may look like a small amount, but it has helped bring differences to the unemployed community members.

Besides regulating the grant, it would also be beneficial if the government would consider increasing the amount from R350 to a figure that will enable residents to withstand the effects of inflation.

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