All 350 grant beneficiaries must reapply again to be paid, Said Sassa.

Sassa has issued a new statement that all people who qualify and apply for 350 grant SRD must re-apply again. It's a taught time for 350 grant beneficiaries at this stage; imagine not being paid for 3 months. Luck to those who are paid, but as for others, it's bad luck.

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This is not fair and sad news indeed. No one knows what is happening, but they repeatedly mention one thing. It is tough to know which one is true or which one is a lie; every person comes with a different story. Imagine the poor are robbed of their 350 grant.

In my own opinion, 350 grants must be stopped for those still getting paid because it's not fair for other people. Sassa must do their homework and pay all people as a time, not favouritism. Reapply again and try your luck. Good luck, guys.