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Tuesday 1 February 2022
Episode 13

Uma worries about Vividha. Atharva learns that Kailash is in Pushkar. Uma asks Atharva to hide Vividha from Kailash. Indumati asks Uma and Guddi about Vividha's whereabouts.

Episode 14

Kailash rebukes Vividha for going to Pushkar with Atharv. She tells Kailash that Atharv rescued her from the goons. Kailash gifts his ring to Atharv. Kailash warns Uma about lying to him ever again.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Episode 15

Vividha recalls the time she spent with Atharv. Kailash gets angry on learning that Vividha had gone to Atharv's house. He walks out of the house barefooted. Vividha tries to stop him on seeing his feet bleeding.

Episode 16

Vividha treats Kailash's wounds. Kailash tries to console her. Later, he asks Uma to prevent Vividha from meeting Sujata and Atharva. Atharva visits the Kashyaps to give food to Vividha.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Episode 17

Atharva tells Kailash that Vividha wishes to have dinner at his house. Later, Vividha tells him about having the food sent by Sujata. Kailash asks Vividha to stay away from Sujata.

Episode 18

Atharva confronts Vividha for not showing up at dinner. Kailash tells Sujata to keep Vividha away from Atharva. Later, Vividha takes Sujata to the hospital.

Friday 4 February 2022

Episode 19

The doctor informs Atharv about Sujata's recovery. Atharv apologises to Vividha. Kailash decides to give a loan to Atharva for his business.

Episode 20

Vividha gives the documents to Atharva. Kailash tells Dubey about his plan to separate Vividha from Atharva. He confronts Atharva for his misbehaviour. Later, Vividha scolds him for insulting Kailash.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Episode 21

Sujata asks Atharva if he likes Vividha. Later, Atharva and Kailash reach at the auction of a property. Kailash purchases the land in the auction. Atharva taunts Kailash for purchasing the land at a price higher than its real value.

Episode 22

Atharva mocks Kailash. Kailash is determined to stop Atharva from building the house on his land. Atharva challenges Kailash and also declares his decision to marry Vividha!

Sunday 6 February 2022

Episode 23

Sujata tells Atharva that Vividha is the right girl for him. She then goes to Kailash's house with Atharva's rishta for Vividha. Later, Dubey tells Kailash about Atharva's plan to start a dairy farm.

Episode 24

Kailash reminds Sujata about the loan. He asks Dubey to stop Atharv and Sujata from doing the bhumi puja. Later, a shocking sight awaits Sujata and Atharv.

Monday 7 February 2022

Episode 25

Kailash warns Atharva to stay away from Vividha. Atharva threatens Kailash for being rude to Sujata. However, Vividha defends Kailash. Later, he questions her for attending the bhumipujan.

Episode 26

Kailash wants to ruin Atharv's life. Meanwhile, Vividha is furious at Atharv for making fun of her. Kailash tells Gajendra that he wishes to get Vividha married to Bharadwaj's son. Vividha slaps a stranger! Why?

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Episode 27

Kailash decides to acquire Sujata's house. He tells Indumati that the prospective groom's family will be visiting their house to meet Vividha. Later, he confronts Vividha for meeting Atharv and scolds Uma for neglecting her responsibilities. Uma warns Vividha not to meet Atharv anymore.

Episode 28

Uma asks Vividha to stay away from Atharv but Indumati confronts her for scolding Vividha. Meanwhile, Vividha is shocked to see Atharv at her college as a guest lecturer. Later, she confronts him for insulting her but sprains her leg by accident. Later, Atharv confesses his feelings for her.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Episode 29

Sujata tries to persuade Uma to support Atharva-Vividha. But Uma tells her that Vividha will not go against Kailash's decision. Meanwhile, Atharva scolds Sujata for performing the ritual.

Episode 30

Vividha refuses to accept the bangles that Sujata gifts her. She tells Sujata to make Atharva understand her situation. Later, the Bharadwajs visit the Kashyaps to discuss Vividha's marriage with their son

Thursday 10 February 2022

Episode 31

Atharva tells the groom's family, which has come to meet Vividha that he has written his name on her hand! He then gives the bangles to Vividha. Later, Kailash slaps Vividha.

Episode 32

Vividha refuses to marry Atharva! Later, Atharva is arrested. Does Kailash have a role to play in his arrest? Is it a ploy to keep Atharva-Vividha away?

Friday 11 February 2022

Episode 33

Sujata defends Atharva in front of the police. The police ask for a huge amount from Vividha to release Atharva on bail. Sujata pleads with Kailash to get Atharva released. Will he?

Episode 34

Kailash agrees to help Atharva on the condition that he leaves their haveli! Guddi asks Vividha about her feelings for Atharva. Meanwhile, will Atharva accept Kailash's condition?

Saturday 12 February 2022

Episode 35

Kailash receives a confirmation call from the inspector about Atharv and Sujata leaving the city. Vividha seeks Kailash's permission to visit Sujata's house. Kailash misleads her for another marriage proposal.

Episode 36

Sujata strikes a deal with Kailash! Has Atharva made up his mind to leave Vividha?

Sunday 13 February 2022

Episode 37

Vividha embraces Atharva. A furious Kailash orders her to return home with him. He also reminds Sujata about the deal.

Episode 38

Uma scolds Vividha for going against Kailash. Kailash tells Uma that they are moving into Sujata's house! Can Vividha save Atharva's house?

Monday 14 February 2022

Episode 39

Kailash reminds Vividha of the hardships he has endured for her happiness. Atahrva tells him that the cowshed beside the haveli still belongs to them and asks him to be a good neighbour.

Episode 40

Atharva confronts Kailash for humiliating Sujata. Vividha slaps Atharva for threatening Kailash. Has Kailash succeeded in creating a rift between Vividha and Atharva?

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Episode 41

Atharva's behaviour with Kailash upsets Vividha. Atharva, however, soon realises his mistake and decides to apologise to Kailash. Will Kailash accept the apology?

Episode 42

Atharva apologises to Vividha for hurting her feelings. Kailash decides to relocate the idol in the temple to Sujata's property. Vividha decides to help Sujata in stopping Kailash from doing this. What's going to be her next step?

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Episode 43

Kailash rebukes Sujata for doing the puja in the temple. Meanwhile, Vividha sees Kailash torturing Uma!

Episode 44

Kailash asks Dubey to keep an eye on Atharva. Atharva strikes a deal with a few businessmen. Meanwhile, Vividha and Guddi are excited about someone important visiting their house.

Thursday 17 February 2022

Episode 45

Atharva gets romantic with Vividha and asks her to forgive him. Sujata learns about Kailash harassing Uma. Meanwhile, the Kashyaps make arrangements for their special guest!

Episode 46

Atharva gathers information about the guests. Later, the Kashyaps welcome Badri and his son, Chintu to the mansion. Does Atharva suspect Chintu, who Vividha considers like her brother?

Friday 18 February 2022

Episode 47

Kailash tells the family his plan about starting a hotel with Badri in Ajmer. Atharva tells Vividha about Chintu's strange behaviour. How will he keep Chintu away from Vividha?

Episode 48

Vividha confronts Atharva for assaulting Chintu. But, Atharva is adamant and asks Guddi to keep an eye on Chintu. Meanwhile, Kailash informs Vividha about the housewarming party.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Episode 49

Kailash tells his friends about Vividha and Guddi. Later, Atharva gets romantic with Vividha and praises her beauty.

Episode 50

Atharva picks a fight with Chintu when he tries to get close to Vividha. Kailash takes offence and humiliates him for ruining the party.

Sunday 20 February 2022

Episode 51

Atharva asks Guddi to stay away from Chintu. Vividha refuses to believe Atharva when he tells her about Chintu's intentions. Meanwhile, Guddi sneaks out to meet Chintu!

Episode 52

Kailash asks Vividha to keep an eye on Guddi. Guddi wants to go to her friend's house to study, but Kailash refuses to let her go.

Monday 21 February 2022

Episode 53

Atharva catches Dubey taking pictures of his project file and confronts Kailash about it. Later, Kailash is angry when Atharva challenges him about Vividha.

Episode 54

Atharva tells Sujata about his project. Kailash tells Vividha about Atharva's plan against him. Will Kailash let him succeed in his project?

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Episode 55

Atharava tells Kailash that he will get engaged to Vividha. Guddi wakes up in Chintu's car and realises that she has missed her exam. Will Vividha find out about Chintu and Guddi's affair?

Episode 56

Chintu and Guddi are caught by the police. Kailash comes to check on Atharva's business along with Badri and mocks him for starting a dairy farm.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Episode 57

Atharva takes Kailash on a tour of his plant, and tells him about his engagement plans with Vividha! Meanwhile, Chintu tries to bribe the inspector to set him and Guddi free!

Episode 58

Atharva eagerly waits for Vividha at the temple. Meanwhile, Vividha tells Kailash about Chintu's misdeeds. Later, Kailash stops Vividha from taking Atharva's call.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Episode 59

Atharva is disappointed when Vividha doesn't show up at the temple. Kailash orders Atharva to leave from his house. Later, Vividha insists that Kailash find Guddi.

Episode 60

Atharva learns that Guddi is missing after he overhears Vividha's conversation with Kailash. Badri informs Kailash that Chintu and Guddi have escaped from the police. Meanwhile, Guddi follows Chintu to an abandoned place.

Friday 25 February 2022

Episode 61

Atharva assaults Chintu and hands him over to Kailash. Later, Kailash tries to stop Atharva from calling the police after Guddi tells everyone about Chintu's intentions.

Episode 62

Atharva confronts Kailash for not supporting Guddi, while Indumati scolds Chintu for insulting Guddi. Vividha tells Kailash that she has lodged a complaint against Chintu and the police arrest him. Vividha informs the inspector that Atharva will testify against Chintu.

Saturday 26 February 2022

Episode 63

Atharva shares his miseries with Sujata. Sujata assures Atharva that Vividha loves him. Meanwhile, Indumati praises Atharva for helping Guddi. Later, Vividha overhears Atharva's conversation with Guddi.

Episode 64

Guddi tries to make Vividha realise Atharva's love for her. Later, Vividha sneaks out at night to meet Atharva!

Sunday 27 February 2022

Episode 65

Uma tells Kailash that Guddi is safe only because of Atharva. Meanwhile, Sujata finds out that Vividha is in love with Atharva.

Episode 66

Uma tells Kailash that Vividha is in love with Atharva. Later, Guddi apologises to Kailash. Kailash hits Ankit for being irresponsible towards Vividha and Guddi.

Monday 28 February 2022

Episode 67

Teaser unavailable.

Episode 68

Teaser unavailable.
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