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Tuesday 1 February 2022
Episode 5

Manav tells Ayesha not to worry about the media. Meanwhile, Samar manages to mislead Laxmi and her aunt about his identity. Later, Laxmi finds out that she has to create a portfolio to get through an audition. She decides to sell theatre tickets of Ayesha's film to arrange the money.

Episode 6

Laxmi helps Samar in selling the samosas, and earns a few bucks for herself. Ayesha is elated about her movie being a hit. Laxmi manages to get her portfolio done. Ayesha vows not to lose Manav to Nandini. Laxmi vows to teach a lesson to a security guard for misusing her portfolio.

Wednesday 2 February 2022
Episode 7

Samar is impressed by Laxmi's determination to become an established actress. Meanwhile, Ayesha's brother, Karan, is upset as Manav refuses to launch him. Later, Samar learns that Ayesha is searching for a new female lead. Laxmi manages to enter Navrang Studio, and plans to meet Ayesha.

Episode 8

Laxmi enters Ayesha's cabin, pretending to be blind. On learning the truth, Ayesha tells her to get out. Manav tells Ayesha that Laxmi is ideal for the lead role in Samar's upcoming film. Later, Laxmi is upset when she finds out that Ayesha has hired her as a PA, and not as an actress.

Thursday 3 February 2022
Episode 9

Laxmi decides to accept Ayesha's offer. Manav is excited about his daughter's arrival. Later, Karan tricks Laxmi into performing a stunt. Laxmi accidentally falls on Ayesha and apologises to her. Later, Ayesha pretends to care for Laxmi before her employees. What are Ayesha's plans for Laxmi?

Episode 10

Ayesha proposes a challenge to Laxmi, who vows to succeed. Samar finds out that a few miscreants misled him. Ayesha plans to fire Laxmi, believing that she will fail at the challenge. Later, Nandini and Ayesha have an argument.

Friday 4 February 2022
Episode 11

Ayesha welcomes Meera back to the house. Meanwhile, Laxmi plans a strategy for Ayesha's challenge. Later, Meera instigates Manav against Meethi. The next day, Ayesha's employees are worried reading a suicide letter from Laxmi. Ayesha gets worried seeing Laxmi lying on the table.

Episode 12

Laxmi manages to fool the employees of Navrang Studio. Meanwhile, Ayesha instigates Manav against Laxmi. Laxmi worries as Ayesha tells her about Manav being upset with her and that he wants her to apologise to the employees. Later, Laxmi decides to visit Ayesha's house to return her jewellery.

Saturday 5 February 2022
Episode 13

Laxmi tries to get a glimpse of Samar Sareen. Nandini plans to separate Manav from Ayesha. Ayesha plays a trick on Nandini and stops her from performing a puja with Manav. Later, Laxmi is shocked to find Samar in the Sareen House, who manages to mislead her.

Episode 14

Laxmi decides to disguise herself as a swamini and enter the Sareen House. Ayesha recognises Laxmi and fumes at her. Laxmi explains her situation to Ayesha and apologises for playing the trick. Later, Meera fumes at the Sareens as she wants them to leave her alone.

Sunday 6 February 2022
Episode 15

The employees of Navrang Studio play a trick on Laxmi and humiliate her. Meantime, Samar finds a job. Later at night, Laxmi helps Samar to sell samosas and in return gets an idea to impress the employees. The next day, Laxmi strives to seek forgiveness from the employees.

Episode 16

Meera instigates Ayesha against Meethi. Meanwhile, Samar notices Laxmi is worried as she has failed to impress her employees. Later, Laxmi vows to be the heroine of Samar's upcoming movie. Ayesha finds out about Meera having an inferiority complex. The next day, Ayesha misleads Samar about Laxmi.

Monday 7 February 2022
Episode 17

Laxmi decides to play a trick on the employees of Navrang Studio by pretending to have been selected for Salman's upcoming movie. Samar succeeds to earn a few bucks by selling samosas. Ayesha worries learning about Laxmi's offer from Salman. The next day, Laxmi feels guilty and admits to the truth.

Episode 18

Ayesha and Amrita plan to humiliate Laxmi at the party. On the other hand, Laxmi believes that Ayesha has genuinely invited her for the party. The next day, Laxmi feels humiliated when the employees of Navrang Studio laugh at her costume.

Tuesday 8 February 2022
Episode 19

The employees of Navrang Studio humiliate Laxmi at the party. Ayesha pretends to care for Laxmi and retains her. Later, Karan and Ayesha make a deal to send Laxmi out of Navrang Studio. Having faith in Ayesha, Laxmi blindly signs the contract given by her.

Episode 20

Laxmi blindly signs the contract. Ayesha takes advantage of Laxmi and ill treats her. Samar seeks Laxmi's help to prepare food for himself. Later, Karan plays a trick on Laxmi and injures her fingers. The employees of Navrang Studio take their revenge by harassing Laxmi but she refuses to give up.

Wednesday 9 February 2022
Episode 21

Ayesha fumes at Laxmi for killing her fish. Later, Samar manages to cheer Laxmi up. Meanwhile, Ayesha manages to mislead Meera. The next day, Manav returns from his business trip and finds Ayesha injured. Ayesha plans to make Laxmi quit her job.

Episode 22

Upon learning that Laxmi is making arrangements for a meeting of a Japanese delegation at Navrang Studio, Karan infests the room with rats. Samar disguises himself and enters Navrang Studio. Later, Laxmi tries to get rid of the rats. Samar manages to get a contract for his samosas at Navrang Studio.

Thursday 10 February 2022
Episode 23

Laxmi is depressed as Ayesha is livid with her for ruining the meeting with the Japanese. She hides her situation from her father. Samar misleads the Sareens, disguising as a samosawala. However, Manav recognises Samar and foils his plan. Later, Samar motivates Laxmi.

Episode 24

Laxmi decides to prove herself to the people of Navrang Studio. The next day, Laxmi fills in for Ayesha at a cycle race competition. Meanwhile, Samar worries about the sales target given by his boss. Later, Karan plans to stop Laxmi from completing the race. What is Karan planning?

Friday 11 February 2022
Episode 25

Laxmi falls in a ditch as one of the participants pushes her, deliberately. Samar strives to reach his sales target. Laxmi manages to rejoin the race and secures the last position. Samar's boss is livid with him for not reaching his sales target. Meantime, Nandini vows to prove her worth to Manav.

Episode 26

Ayesha plans to use her friend's dog against Laxmi. Laxmi panics on seeing the dog. Karan plays a trick on Laxmi, and convinces her to take care of the dog. Later, Laxmi strives to train the dog, and is fined for taking the dog to the park!

Saturday 12 February 2022
Episode 27

Laxmi spends the night with a dog at Navrang studio. Meanwhile, a few robbers enter the studio and threaten Laxmi. The robbers manage to steal Ayesha's laptop. Karan and Ayesha accuse Laxmi of stealing a laptop. Later, Laxmi finds Ayesha's friend's dog missing!

Episode 28

Laxmi files a complaint about the missing dog. She decides to hire a lookalike dog, and present it to Ayesha. However, Ayesha manages to recognise the imposter and decides to trap Laxmi. Later, Ayesha blames Laxmi for being irresponsible.

Sunday 13 February 2022
Episode 29

Karan harasses Laxmi in front of the employees of Navrang Studio. He decides to cut Laxmi's hair as a punishment! However, Ayesha's friend's dog stops Karan in time and saves Laxmi. Laxmi vows to Karan that she will fulfil her dream of becoming a dream girl.

Episode 30

Ayesha offers Laxmi to play her body double in her film. Karan executes Ayesha's plan against Laxmi. During the shoot, Laxmi falls unconscious as she tries to complete a stunt. Later, she is shocked to find out Ayesha's true colours.

Monday 14 February 2022
Episode 31

Laxmi is surprised to find Ayesha taking credit for her effort in performing the stunt. She regrets believing her dream icon, Ayesha. Meanwhile, Nandini finds out that Ayesha is misleading Meera. Later, Laxmi decides to quit her job at Navrang Studio.

Episode 32

Laxmi confronts Ayesha as she visits her house. Ayesha refuses to accept Laxmi's resignation, and blackmails, saying that she has to fulfill her contract. Samar finds out that Laxmi works at Navrang Studio. A misunderstanding arises between Laxmi and Samar, and they have a fight.

Tuesday 15 February 2022
Episode 33

Samar wrongly thinks that Ayesha wants Laxmi to stay in Navrang Studio, and hence she prepared the contract. Ayesha is surprised to find Laxmi back at Navrang Studios. Laxmi gets back at Ayesha as she humiliates her. Later, Karan gives an assignment for her to complete.

Episode 34

Laxmi retaliates when Ayesha humiliates her. Manav informs Ayesha that it is time to launch Samar, and wants to conduct a contest for finding a new dream girl. Ayesha worries about Laxmi participating in the contest. Will Laxmi find out about the contest?

Wednesday 16 February 2022
Episode 35

Samar learns about the 'Dream Girl' contest conducted by Navrang Studio. Manav convinces Ayesha to be the judge for the contest. Karan blackmails Ayesha, and wants her to talk to Manav about his launch. Ayesha feels insecure about Laxmi becoming the next Dream Girl.

Episode 36

Laxmi learns about the 'Dream Girl' contest, and Samar convinces her to participate in it. Meanwhile, Ayesha plans to stop Laxmi from participating in the contest. Later, Samar agrees to accompany Laxmi to select wine as instructed by Ayesha.

Thursday 17 February 2022
Episode 37

Samar gets intoxicated after tasting the wines. Meanwhile, Ayesha is sure that Laxmi will not be able to participate in the contest. Later, Laxmi refuses to believe Samar when he tells her that he is actually Samar Sareen. After a while, Ayesha is surprised on finding Laxmi at Navrang Studio.

Episode 38

Laxmi seeks Karan's help to submit the application form for the contest. He offers to help her in the contest. Later, Nandini plays a trick on Meera. Meanwhile, Samar is relieved that Laxmi has found out his identity. Laxmi's father and brother visit her.

Friday 18 February 2022
Episode 39

Laxmi lies to her father that Samar is Samar Sareen. Samar manages to handle Laxmi's father and brother by misleading them. Laxmi requests Samar to spend the night in the balcony. Later in the night, Laxmi gets worried about the audition.

Episode 40

Laxmi prepares for the audition at Navrang Studio. Meanwhile, Ayesha asks Karan to not allow Laxmi to participate in the audition. Later, Laxmi is worried as one of the contestants steals her script. Karan fumes at Laxmi for being careless.

Saturday 19 February 2022
Episode 41

Karan objects Laxmi from giving the audition at Navrang Studio. However, Laxmi wins Prem's heart with her fabulous performance and is appreciated by the contestants. Laxmi pays gratitude to her father for supporting her to achieve her goal. Ayesha is eager to know about Laxmi's audition.

Episode 42

Samar and Laxmi spend quality time together. Laxmi expresses her feelings for Samar and makes him realise her love for him. Ayesha and Manav see a video footage of the audition to judge the contestants' performance. Karan succeeds in hiding Laxmi's audition tape from Ayesha.

Sunday 20 February 2022
Episode 43

Samar is happy to spend some good time with Laxmi and her family. Meanwhile, Manav and Prem discuss about the dream girl contest with the studio staff. Samar tries to placate a dejected Laxmi and the two engage themselves in the film shoot. Laxmi's father is impressed with her acting skills.

Episode 44

Laxmi panics seeing Karan at the shoot and hides from him. Meanwhile, Nandini is worried about Meera and Manav consoles her. Laxmi's father is elated at interacting with superstar Ayesha. However, Ayesha does not want Laxmi to excel in her acting career. Laxmi is sad about the film shoot.

Monday 21 February 2022
Episode 45

Laxmi finds it hard to believe Ayesha's concern for her. The Sareens feel relieved after the police find Meera. Ayesha confronts Nandini for accusing her of misleading Meera. Kartik rebukes Laxmi for pursuing acting. However, Samar tries to convince Kartik about Laxmi's ambition.

Episode 46

Samar plays a prank on Laxmi. Ayesha tries to make Manav realise her concern for Meera. She aspires to become a dream girl. Karan secretly enlightens Laxmi about the dream girl contest and informs her about the contest rules. Manav is glad to meet Samar.

Tuesday 22 February 2022
Episode 47

Manav is glad learning that Samar is in love with someone. Later, he is shocked learning about Nandini's suicide attempt. Laxmi is excited to do a photo shoot with Samar. Ayesha secretly keeps an eye on Laxmi during the shooting and does not want her to grow.

Episode 48

Ayesha fears that Laxmi might be the number 10 contestant for the 'Dream girl' contest! Karan hides from Ayesha about Laxmi's participation in the contest and supports her. Laxmi manages to hide about her audition from Manav and Ayesha.

Wednesday 23 February 2022
Episode 49

Samar praises Laxmi for taking her passion for acting seriously, and is confident that she is in love with him. Elsewhere, Ayesha is distressed believing that Laxmi will win the Dream Girl contest. Karan announces the result of the contest. Ayesha is shocked as Laxmi is shortlisted.

Episode 50

Laxmi is overwhelmed for being chosen for the Dream Girl contest. However, Ayesha is unhappy with her success and does not want her to be a dream girl. Out of frustration, Ayesha vents her anger on Karan for supporting Laxmi while Manav thinks that Ayesha is actually concerned about Laxmi!

Thursday 24 February 2022
Episode 51

Ayesha and Laxmi have a spat regarding the contest. Samar decides to propose to Laxmi and executes his plan. Laxmi offers Saniya to stay at her place. Samar proposes to Saniya instead of Laxmi. Ayesha feels insecure about her future. Nandini taunts Ayesha about the Dream Girl contest.

Episode 52

Ayesha is furious seeing Nandini's proximity to Manav and wants to keep them away. Samar spends some time with Laxmi. Ayesha tries to make Karan realise her concern for him. She conducts a grooming session for the Dream Girl contestants while Laxmi is dejected by Ayesha's gesture.

Friday 25 February 2022
Episode 53

Ayesha recommends a tablet to Laxmi with the intention to ruin her beauty. Samar tries to win Laxmi's love while she focuses on the Dream Girl contest. Nandini is upset on witnessing Manav and Ayesha's closeness. Karan informs the participants about the brand ambassador contest.

Episode 54

Laxmi's lip allergy ruins her chances in the brand ambassador contest. Ayesha taunts Laxmi for being too confident. Sania gets selected for the ad shoot. Manav fumes at Karan for being irresponsible and removes him from the Dream Girl project. Karan is frustrated with Laxmi, but Samar takes care of her.

Saturday 26 February 2022
Episode 55

Laxmi manages to clear Manav's misunderstanding about Karan while Ayesha is happy to trouble Laxmi. Manav reappoints Karan for the Dream Girl contest. Ayesha misleads Karan about Laxmi. Laxmi is sad as Samar spends time with Sania. However, Samar manages to placate Laxmi.

Episode 56

Ayesha manages to expose Nandini's fake injuries to Manav. Nandini strives to win back Manav but in vain. Meanwhile, Karan plans to stop Laxmi from participating in the contest. Laxmi panics on being locked in a room. Ayesha is elated learning about Laxmi.

Sunday 27 February 2022
Episode 57

Karan finds out that Ayesha misled him about Laxmi. Samar learns that Laxmi has not reached the Navrang Studio, and rescues her from the room. Karan realises his mistake, and repents. Meanwhile, Ayesha is surprised finding Laxmi at Navrang.

Episode 58

Ayesha fumes at Karan seeing Laxmi at Navrang, but he retaliates. Karan vows to make Laxmi, the next Dream Girl. Later, Laxmi learns that her father has been admitted to the ICU and breaks down. Samar convinces Laxmi to perform. Manav hails Laxmi for her performance.

Monday 28 February 2022
Episode 59

Manav reveals that he misled Laxmi about her father, in order to test her. Ayesha feels insecure as Laxmi wins the round. Later, Laxmi stops Ayesha from revealing the truth about her to Manav. Karan advises Ayesha to change her outlook towards Laxmi.

Episode 60

Ayesha feels insecure about losing the Dream Girl position to Laxmi. Meanwhile, Laxmi celebrates her win with Samar. Karan plans to propose to Laxmi, the next day. Samar makes Laxmi jealous by spending time with Sania.

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