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Tuesday 1 February 2022
Episode 17

Sanem is forced to explain to her parents why she seems to be engaged to three men at the same time. Can's reputation is threatened, which could have devastating consequences for his career as a photographer.

Wednesday 2 February 2022
Episode 18

JJ and Ayhan have to confront a hacker while Sanem stomps through forests, searching for Can. Mevbike uses food to lure Osman as yet another possible son-in-law.

Thursday 3 February 2022
Episode 19

Cengiz enlists Ayhan's help to confront the hacker but when Sanem and Emre turn up, things quickly spiral out of control.

Friday 4 February 2022
Episode 20

Ayling refuses to give up on Emre, even after he told her that he never wants to see her again. JJ struggles to keep a secret. Guliz tempts him to tell her what he is hiding. Mevkibe goes on a diet, and asks Ayhan to help her.

Monday 7 February 2022
Episode 21

The neighbourhood is buzzing with excitement about Muzaffer's new shop. At the office, Sanem tries to hide from Can, but is stuck with him when she gets herself involved with the new campaign development.

Tuesday 8 February 2022
Episode 22

After pressure at the office, especially between her and Can, Sanem decides to quit without formally resigning. Nihat tries his hand at cooking with disastrous consequences. Can spends the day outside the shop trying to intimidate Sanem to change her mind.

Emre also tries to persuade Sanem to return and shares some tender childhood memories. A serious misunderstanding between Can and Sanem leads to their ultimate separation.

Wednesday 9 February 2022
Episode 23

Aysun tries her best to get Sanem back at the office to help with crisis management. This links Sanem to Can in an unexpected way. Mevkibe decides that she is much more than just an ordinary housewife, to the utter frustration of her biggest rival.

Thursday 10 February 2022
Episode 24

JJ's gift to Ayhan has the opposite effect he was hoping for. Mevkibe hosts a street party celebrating the 26th anniversary of the shop. The agency is in trouble when half the staff end up in hospital due to food poisoning just as they have an important pitch for one of their biggest clients.

Friday 11 February 2022
Episode 25

The rivalry between Mevkibe and Aysun continues, resulting in the two of them almost coming to blows. Will Sanem's decision to reveal her true feelings for Can pay off or be thwarted?

Monday 14 February 2022
Episode 26

Sanem goes to Can's house to ask him not to leave the country, but instead gets his ex-girlfriend, Polen, opening the door. It leads to a very awkward interaction. Guliz introduces a local fortune teller to the office staff, and Sanem decides to give it a fair chance. Shocking results follow.

Tuesday 15 February 2022
Episode 27

While Leyla makes her way back in town, the boss from the new ad campaign makes an unexpected visit at the office. Sanem thinks that this man may be the one she has been waiting for - her escape from Can.

Wednesday 16 February 2022
Episode 28

Nihat, Osman and Muzaffer pull out all the stops to try and market Osman's popular Vegan-frikadelles. Aylin surprises Emre and Can during breakfast at home with a major business proposal. Sanem takes the lead on a location scout for a new car launch, with Can, Polen and Levent.

Sanem manages to drive Can to jealousy with her flirting with Levent, continuing this at the restaurant afterwards. Polen enjoyed too much wine during lunch, and is worried and confused when she wakes up in the middle of the night to find Can missing. She engages Sanem to find him.

Thursday 17 February 2022
Episode 29

Can is not happy that Sanem took Polen to his secret abode. There is consternation when Osman the butcher has to do vegan catering. Mekvibe is very worried about Nihat's fidelity when she learns that he will start working in the advertising industry.

Friday 18 February 2022
Episode 30

The new ad campaign becomes a battleground for Deren and Aylin's massive power struggle. They are not the only ones who want to prove themselves as being the best and stress spreads like wildfire at every level.

Monday 21 February 2022
Episode 31

Mevkibe asks Can to do a tasting to choose the best cook between her and Aysun and a shoot for an ad goes South after chaos erupts on set.

Tuesday 22 February 2022
Episode 32

Nothing seems to go according to plan during the shoot. An unwilling Osman is coaxed into standing in for the unfortunate actor. Sanem and Can battle to get alone-time, but when the disastrous shoot has to be redone the following morning and the entire crew sleeps ove.

Wednesday 23 February 2022
Episode 33

Polen tries her best to win Can back. Sanem walks in on an awkward conversation, and Muzaffer ruins a professional photo shoot. Ayhan tries to help Sanem escape from her tent, so that she could have alone time with Can.

Thursday 24 February 2022
Episode 34

After the shoot, Sanem tries to involve herself in Polen's birthday plans. Preparing for Polen's party becomes challenging, especially with Sanem and Polen fighting for Can's attention.

Friday 25 February 2022
Episode 35

Muzaffer continues to bore Ayhan with his unhealthy infatuation with his future with Sanem. Sanem abandons her trip to a house party arranged by Can to assist JJ at the opera house for another function, after Guliz shares misleading information. At the opera house Sanem sends a cryptic message to Can.

Ayhan's romantic inexperience could have pushed JJ away, however they committed to a platonic relationship. The following morning, after a conversation with her conscience, Sanem finally starts interrogating her albatross.

Monday 28 February 2022
Episode 36

Aylin casts a spell over a hapless JJ and all his resistance crumbles. Sanem breaks Can's very expensive camera. Will there be consequences? Mekvibe and Ayhan become business partners of sorts.

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