Thuli Phongolo is a South African actress and a DJ. She was given a role as Lerato on a showmax Telenovela, The wife. There have been allegations that she is very difficult to work with. Even when she left Generations the same allegations were raised, however, Thuli denied all the allegations.

Fans said she gave her Dj career a lot of time and neglected her acting one. Thuli has been trending in December for dating a well known Dj, producer and singer Dj Maphorisa. The two were seen together at events, seen together in hotel rooms. Fans blame Her relationship for losing her Character.

Thuli said in her statement that, the character was not suitable for her. She said she was not enjoying it, she had no joy and there was no growth on her side. However, she sends words of gratitude to the production for awarding her the opportunity to prove herself.

She addressed the issue of professionalism, denied the allegations and she said she acted with professionalism and with commitment always. Thuli said they both reached an agreement to cut off her role and she said she was not fired, it was a mutual agreement.

She also said her fans should just wait because there is something big coming on their screens. Does this mean Thuli is got another character somewhere?

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