Last year was a very devastating year for many people who lost their loved ones, and it was even more devastating for celebrities who were in the spotlight and also lost people close to them. Many people over the past two years have lost people they loved due to the pandemic and other causes of death. The well

-known South African rapper AKA is one such celebrity who faced a lot of devastation last year. For him, it was much worse because he was in the public eye and almost all South Africans knew about his personal life and his relationship with the late Anele Tembe. The two were inseparable and spent most of their time together, and because they were so in love with each other, AKA finally decided that she was the one and asked for her hand in marriage.

From what was shared on social media, it seems like the couple were in a happy space, and AKA showed that he really adored his fiancee, until it all just came to a heartbreaking end. Anele, who is well known as Nellie, unfortunately lost her life due to suicide after she jumped from a well-known hotel building. The news of her death left many heartbroken and feeling sorry for AKA because he lost the love of his life. Since the ordeal took place, AKA decided to take a step back from social media and mourn.

He has since been quiet and has only made a few appearances here and there on social media. But it seems like he has finally started moving on with his life and has started getting back into the dating scene. It is rumoured that he and Nadia Nakai are allegedly dating and he even bought her a gift. The two have not confirmed if it is official yet.