Mzansi disappointed after Omicron

The country is in great turmoil since the discovery of the new Covid variant called the omicron. A lot of people have been distressed and fearing for their lives due to this unending war against the virus.

According to the reports the Omicron was said to be different from the other variants and more deadly so it, therefore, required people to take much more precaution and cover-up in public spaces. In the meantime the president of South Africa has been travelling to several different African for the state visit and a video was taken for him when he was visiting Ghana.

The president could be seen dancing and having fun with other leaders in Ghana while there was no visible mask in place. people were wondering if leaders were immune to new variants since they seemed to be enjoying themselves without any form of protection. They were not even practising any social distancing considering they were dancing so close together.

A lot of people were of the opinion was out there having fun while the rest of the people were suffering. however, some people defended him that he was human too and deserved to have fun just like ordinary people do. "All work and no games make jack a dull boy,'' commented @terocky a twitter user.

South African were however worried about him not having a mask considering that he was moving around to different countries. they were not against the idea of him having fun but not protecting himself. the government has been preaching to the public to comply with lockdown regulations therefore the public expects the president to lead by example.

People should know that the pandemic is not yet over therefore masks are to worn in public places to avoid the spread of the Covid virus. sanitization should also be continued until a permanent solution to deal with the virus has been established.