Azwindini has almost always been the centre of attention and it seems like things are about to get interesting in Venda.

It seems like the plane has finally landed for the chief of Thathe. Everything will happen so fast that everyone will be left in denial. Gugu will leave Johannesburg to go to Venda to negotiate with striking workers.Azwindini allegedly

Gugu will fail at this mission to get workers to listen to her and Azwindini will act as the mediator not knowing that things will end badly for him.

Gugu and Azwindini will be stuck underground together for days to come and no one will know where they are. They will take time to get help which will soon cost the life of one of them.

When the help finally arrived to serve this two, it might be too late for Azwindini. He will be unconscious before help comes, but we are not sure whether he will survive or not.

Please leave a comment, tell us what you think will happen to Azwindini. Will he die?? Is it the end of his role in MUVHANGO??