At this age and time, most VIPs don't coordinate with their age. Fans are probably going to be shocked by their number one superstar's age whereby the look is more seasoned than the age.

Luckily for Skeem Saam's most well known mature entertainer whose genuine name is Harriet Manamela that isn't the situation with her as she looks more youthful than her real age.

Harriet assumes the part of Meiki Maputla who is a spouse and a mother to two kids on the show. In harvest life, Meiki is a mother to one youngster whose name is Lerato Manamela.

She is hitched to Tshepho Manamela whom she has a kid. She will turn 50 years of age one week from now Wednesday as she was brought into the world on 13 October 1971.

What's your interpretation of this? Do you additionally feel that this entertainer looks more youthful than her age? How old did you foresee Meiki to be, all things considered?