Certainly we should not underestimate women because we are going through the same ordeal, if one woman finds it easy to make fun of another woman she is only bringing bad luck to herself.
Mashelembe vs Masithole

What happened to Mashelembe when everyone was watching on national TV broke the hearts of many people in a wonderful way, which made women come together to restore Mashelembe's dignity.

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There are women who want to show off individually. And they do not know that it is their way of bringing about hatred and misfortune

Langa's wives Mashelembe and Masithole got into a heated argument on Mnakwethu's program when Mseleku went to plead for Masithole to join Mashelembe's to as her sister-in-law in marriage.

Masithole's behaviour showed a lack of respect for Mashelembe.

Since the beginning of the Mashelembe and Masithole's conflict, people have not stopped expressing their disappointment over Sithole's actions.No matter how good-looking you may be if you do something bad in front of people, you become a bad person.

Today was Mashelembe's second baby shower event and, she made sure she looked even more beautiful than when we first saw her. People then decided to compare her to Masithole since Masithole came to be beautiful and did her best to look good in the show.

It seems that Mashelembe has come out of her comfort zone, and went all out to show off her beauty, pictures of her without headwraps have spread all over social media, showing us more about her beauty.

People then wanted to know who looked the most beautiful of both of Langa's wives some had seen Masithole's very beautiful, while the other side was with Mashelembe.

They posted pictures of both of them, Mashelembe and Masithole. So from your point of view who looks the most beautiful of both Langa's wives.