Nomonde Gongxeka Seopa

Those who watched the first production of Yizo Yizo will remember the new beauty in the city who came as a grade 11 student and had to make new friends to boost her adaptation to a new place. We knew her as Hazel but her real name is Nomonde Gongxeka Seopa.

Nomonde did not return to the second season of the show and the role of Hazel was given to Thembi Seete who is still active in the industry. When talking about people who became successful after Yizo Yizo, we tend to overlook Nomonde because she disappeared on our screens without notice, but I believe that she is the most successful former Yizo Yizo cast member.

After leaving the show SABC hired her to work as one of their members behind the camera. She was not only working as the content creator but she also helped raise funds for many shows. You will remember that MTV was under SABC before moving to DStv and Nomonde was part of the team which developed the channel. She worked behind the camera and was in the administration of Soul City. Between 2008 to 2013, She was the head of programming for SABC1 and she helped develop shows such as 'Cha-Cha' and 'Zone-14.'

She holds a master's degree in ICT Policy and Regulation which she obtained from the University of Witwatersrand. She recently held the position of being the Councillor for The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). Nomonde resigned from her position last year as the 10th of July was her last day at the office. In 2016 She was enrolled as a researcher for ICANN.

She was also a member of the Media Diversity and Development Agency (MDDA). She served the agency as a chairperson of the finance and operations Committee.

As of 2021, Nomonde is 44 years old and she is a mother of three children.


It is good to see that She had to leave being in the spotlight and chased a dream that made her a bigger person. Her statistics are showing that she has contributed a lot to the industry and many people have benefitted from her skills.