Smokers are more likely to get covid-19 and die fast of this disease, a study has been made and it proves that cigarettes damage your lungs and they fail to function well when this disease gets into your body.

Uk researchers reported their discovery this week to the British medical journal Thorax. On their reports proves that 80% of active smokers have a higher chance of needing to be admitted to the hospital after covid-19 infection than those who do not smoke.

The sale of cigarettes was controversially banned in South Africa between 27 March and 18 August 2020 under the Lockdown regulations, and co-operative governance minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma argued in court that the ban was needed to reduce the incidence of smoking and risks posed by covid-19 to smokers and to those exposed to cigarettes smoke.

Cape Town High Court ruled that the ban limited smokers' rights to human dignity because it denied them the choice of buying tobacco products. On another side, Anthony Laverty and Christopher Miller of Imperial College London said the suggestion early in the Covid-19 pandemic that smoking may protect smokers against covid-19.

Compared with those who had never smoked, currently, smokers were 80% more likely to be admitted to the hospital and significantly more likely to die from covid-19. People are now advised to stay away from cigarettes to save their lives.

However, people have been disagreeing with the information that was proven by UK scientists. Many smokers left their opinion about this matter. Lebohang Selebi said they must leave them to smoke because is their lungs, he complained that they took their human rights by Mandatory Vaccination. Smokers show no interest in leaving smoking.

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