Zahara is a straight talker. She will tell you your weaknesses & Your strengths without Sugercoats

She is a musician she knows!!!

It seems like everyone liked her judgement at the Idols today because they are so in love with her. For once no one is criticizing her, except the less Twitter guy who noticed something on her attire today.

It seems a little disrespectful, but you know how Twitter is and you can't change it. I personally don't see anything wrong with this picture but if you do please leave a comment on the comment section below to let us know what you saw

We don't need motivational speakers here we need people to Mould kids to be better musicians when they win!!

saw it while she was performing but then I remember ke Sunday Zipper-mouth facelet me mind my business

Somebody said she gets drunk sometimes. I don't know maybe Castle larger can sponsor the whole thing.

that is the very same thing I have been suggesting I have never heard a song from Somzi.